NYC Rental Subsidies

Note: New Destiny does not administer these programs. Contact the appropriate city agency listed in the descriptions to apply.

Click on the links to learn more about eligibility requirements and how to apply.

  • Living in Communities (LINC) – these programs are designed to provide targeted rental assistance to eligible homeless families who have been in shelter the longest and could successfully maintain housing with appropriate financial assistance and services.
  • ACS Housing Subsidy – available to families with active ACS cases where housing is the main obstacle to family unity (i.e. housing is needed to reunite with children in foster care or to prevent children from having to enter foster care) or to youth aging out of foster care in need of permanent housing.
  • Family Homelessness and Eviction Prevention Supplement (FHEPS) – available to families on public assistance with at least one minor child who are being sued for eviction. Formerly known as Jiggetts.
  • City FEPS and SEPS can also help certain families and individuals who live in shelters or who are at risk of entering shelter with rent.

Unfortunately, given the current economic climate, many programs designed to help families with their rent have been cut or have closed their waiting lists due to budgetary constraints. Tenants currently receiving rental assistance from these programs can click on the links below to learn more about them.

  • NYCHA Section 8 – The waiting list has been closed since December 2009.
  • Other Section 8 Programs – HPD and HCR operate small Section 8 programs for tenants in specific circumstances. Tenants cannot apply directly to these agencies to receive a voucher.