Housing Connect (Housing Lottery)

NYC Housing Connect, also know as the housing lottery, is an online housing portal for searching and applying for affordable housing in New York City. Potential tenants are selected at random. Applying and qualifying for housing is not guaranteed. It can be a very long wait to be selected for an interview.

To apply:

  • Register at NYC Housing Connect. You will need to provide a valid e-mail address and basic contact information. Only one account per household may be created and the information can be updated at any time.
  • Enter your household information, including employment and income information for you and all household members (please note that if you have a government provided rental voucher, you may apply for all developments on the portal and will qualify as long as you fit within the income guidelines).
  • Enter any other information asked related to your current landlord (if any), reason for moving, and assets (if any)

You can save an application and submit on a later date, but once you submit, you cannot return to it and make any changes. For more information and a list of current housing opportunities please click here.

For low income, victims of domestic violence there are special guidelines:

  • Income eligibility guidelines:
    • Mandatory employment history for self-employment and freelance income is not required
    • Examples of income calculations are accepted
    • Increased allowances for change in household composition or income between application submission and processing
  • Additional protections for domestic violence survivors:
    • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) provisions across all lotteries above and beyond the federal requirements
    • Applicants cannot be denied housing for adverse factors, such as poor credit, negative debt payment history, etc., if those factors are a direct result of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking
  • Fewer options to reject applicants based on credit history and debt:
    • Consideration of debt-to-income ratio eliminated
    • Bankruptcy consideration is limited to 12 month history review
    • Maximum threshold for money judgments, liens, and delinquencies is raised to $5,000, and excludes medical debt and student loans
    • Maximum look back on landlord-tenant actions is two years and restricted to for-cause evictions only
  • Reduced document requirements, where possible:
    • Re-approval of applicants after initial qualification for non-Tax Credit/HOME projects
    • Reduced documentation requirements for non-Tax Credit/HOME projects

Click here to see more information on the new marketing guidelines.