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Transforming Lives


Transforming Lives

New Destiny believes that safe, stable housing is just the first step on the road to escaping an abusive relationship. Our housing offers services that help families truly begin the process of rebuilding their lives. Here are some of their stories…

Stories of Hope

Chantal, a new beginning

Chantal moved into a New Destiny apartment from a domestic violence shelter almost two years ago with her two young children. In her short 23 years, Chantal had already faced great challenges. After leaving foster care at 18, she chose marriage as a way of finding stability and soon became pregnant. During her pregnancy, her husband’s verbal abusiveness escalated to more physical acts. As her pregnancy progressed, so did the abuse. It was months after the birth of her daughter before the rage seemed to soften. Two years later, she found herself pregnant again – and again the abuse escalated. (Homicide is a top cause of death among pregnant women – learn more.) Chantal's story continued

Diane, finding hope

Diane had what most would consider an idyllic life. Married, college-educated, and mother of two, she owned a home and was seen in the community as competent and successful. Yet, for ten years her husband emotionally and physically abused her.  When she contacted New Destiny, she was impoverished, had no access to her husband’s assets and was suddenly a single parent. New Destiny offered her an affordable apartment and the guidance and the courage to go on.



Maya, moving  towards economic independence

Maya left her physically abusive husband when she was pregnant and entered an emergency shelter. Soon after the birth, her baby died. Still grieving, Maya continued to work at her $7/hour job. When the emergency shelter told her she could no longer stay, she considered returning to her husband. Desperate, she called New Destiny for help. Maya qualified for a vacant apartment. Today, she is attending college while holding down a job. Maya has successfully escaped abuse, rebuilt her life and is on her way to becoming economically independent.   

Amelia, finding safety and stability

Amelia lived in her own apartment with her children but, her abuser continued to threaten her life and vandalize her property, including many of her official documents. Amelia’s only hope was to relocate to a place unknown to her abuser where she could remain safe. Our advocates worked with Amelia to replace her documentation and to prove her status and history. We helped her build a case so she could attain domestic violence priority status and made contact with New York City Housing Authority staff who finally agreed to review her documentation. We worked closely with her until her application was approved. Amelia was then able to move into a home where she could maintain her family’s safety – and her independence.  


Domestic violence is a leading cause of
homelessness for women & children