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Affordable Housing


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New Destiny builds affordable, well-designed and environmentally friendly housing. To help families transition to their new lives, we offer on-site services as part of our model.

Affordable Housing

New Destiny housing...

  • Is affordable for very low income families, including those on public assistance
  • Offers on-site services tailored to the needs of families recovering from violence
  • Features high-quality design that fits into the neighborhood
  • Is environmentally friendly and promotes healthy living and affordability


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A Unique Model...

We believe that affordable housing is a threshold requirement for family stability. However, housing alone may not be sufficient to help families traumatized by domestic violence to move forward. Our unique model integrates the best in housing development with on-site services tailored to meet the needs of families coming from the domestic violence shelter system. Our goal is to help families heal while fostering a strong community.

Quality homes for safe, healthy lives....

We are committed to developing housing that is well designed, environmentally sensitive, and affordable to renters over time. Our buildings complement their neighborhoods with contextual design, and strive to improve energy efficiency, provide healthy environments, and incorporate sustainable, green materials with each new development. 

The Family Support Program's on-site services help residents remain stably housed and provide access to programs and resources that assist them to rebuild and transform their lives. To avoid stigmatizing low-income domestic violence survivors, our buildings include a mix of tenants – individuals and families without a history of abuse who come from diverse backgrounds.

Preservation and Weatherization...

We maintain our existing stock of housing in good condition utilizing a variety of funding sources for weatherization, greening, and repairing and upgrading older properties. In addition to preserving the longevity and affordability of our rental units, these measures are designed to improve the health and safety of our tenants.


Domestic violence is a leading cause of
homelessness for women & children