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Rental Assistance Program (RAP)


Rental Assistance

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Rental Assistance Program (RAP)

The Rental Assistance Program provides a subsidy to help households transition into financial independence and adequate housing. The program is run by the Coalition for the Homeless.

  • The RAP subsidy is available for up to two years and provides support of up to $300/month for individuals and up to $450/month for families.
  • Families and singles must be employed and living in a domestic violence shelter, homeless shelter or, otherwise considered homeless to apply.
  • RAP applicants must meet specific income requirements to show that they will be able to meet their rent responsibility with the RAP supplement. 
  • In general single adults must earn at least $1100 per month to qualify.  Larger households will need to earn more based on their family size.
  • In addition to receiving a rent subsidy, RAP families participate in ongoing case management, employment, and education activities. Participants are required to meet with their Case Managers at least twice per month. 
  • RAP participants are responsible for identifying their own apartments within 45 days of being approved for the subsidy.

For more information about the program, contact the Coalition for the Homeless at 212-776-2000.


Domestic violence is a leading cause of
homelessness for women & children